Update in the last weeks

*Change Teleport Request at TGN Media Hud, Tollan shield-breaker and Gate Network Hud PDA.

There is only one demand, after the first attach.


*Changes on Gates Server Code

After repeatedly lost data from Gates at the SL-Sim-Maintenance, a backup database has been added. This database stores regularly provide the images, rating points and the gate age. If a gate from the database will be deleted due to the SL-maintenance, are reloaded to the application of the gates this data from the backup database.


*TGN RP Hud 

An update is COMING SOON.


+ New radar, with changing the font color depending on the distance of the avatars

+ New design of the hud

+ Change Teleport Request

+ A minigame was installed, this can only be on the TGN HQ land Activate


You get an update on the Redeliver-sign in shop.