Updates in the last day


Gate list - sequence changed, so you can also view the profile image

Gate Details - Fixed error when displaying and added SIMstatus


RP Hud

level set to max. 150

add a Spawn Point

fix some errors

Release Atlantis Gateroom

Altantis Gate Room


95% Mesh

Gate Room 374 LI

Interior fittings 155 LI

Total 529 LI



Gate Room

2 x Televator

Atlantis DHD 1.0

Funtire for Control Room, Conference Room and Office


by TGN and Lαѕѕмιcн Hєιηяιcнѕ (lassmich85)


Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Atlantis-Gate-Room/8689978

Inworld: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elfenlied/28/157/3502



TGN Station


TGN Station Gate Room, TGN Hangar, SGC Computer (Pegasus Version)

Tula Gate (box), caworks Elevator 2.2, Gate news machine

TGN Blacklist Server B, Control Panel for Sound,Light and Doors

all packed in 2 Rezbox 

 LI Count:

Gate Room with PC,Gate,Server and Lift 218 LI

Hangar  20 LI






Address: /d caworks gate network home




Firmware and Inworld update

After more than a year and several firmware updates to the server, an update inworld will be yet again necessary.

This update is not mandatory for everyone. 

If you want to change the Iris / Shield, which requires this update.

With this the changes are finally stored in the database. 

All others can continue to operate their gates.


An IRIS Patch you will get here:

LM - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elfenlied/26/153/3502

or via the Gategiver in your folder in your inventory.


Other updates:

Login New options for GateRemote and the TGN Media Hud, you can now use all variations of the username.


cyber Resident = cyber

cyber Ahn = cyber.ahn


and a new page for links.

You want that your SL-page link, write me a notecard inworld.



greetings cyber

Latter-day changes

Update RP lists: faster page load


changes to the API processing on the server

Update for mysql